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“The World of Moscow Theatre in Photo Cards of the Early XX Сentury” Exhibition Opening

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“The World of Moscow Theatre in Photo Cards of the Early XX Сentury” Exhibition Opening

On June 3 at 4 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic (Udmurtskaya, 264) is opening the exhibition “The World of Moscow Theatre in Photo Cards of the Early XX Сentury”. The exhibition displays photo cards from the collections of the Russian State Art Library depicting famous Russian actors, scenes from plays, buildings of Imperial Theatres and the first private theatres of Moscow.

Photo portraits of opera and drama celebrities, images with scenes from plays stormed into the life of the Russian society in the late XIX – early XX century. Along with playbills and posters they served as advertising. These old photo cards are the unique reminders of the gone epoch, providing insights into the history of the early XX century theatre and its legendary actors – the world-known symbols of the Russian culture.


The exhibition displays the portraits of the representatives of famous actors’ dynasties – the Sadovskis; the Maly Theatre actors – A. Yuzhin, A. Ostuzhev, G. Fedotova, M. Ermolova; the Imperial Bolshoi Theatre celebrities – F. Chaliapin, L. Sobinova, E. Geltser and some others; scenes from premier stagings of A. Chekhov’s, M. Gorky’s, A. Ostrovsky’s plays. The items on display constitute only a tiny part of a unique iconographical collection of the Russian State Art Library. The exhibition presentation ceremony will feature an opening address by specialist of the Department of Cultural Programs of the Russian State Art Library Aleksandra M. Orlova.


Chairman of the Theatre Union of the Udmurt Republic, honored actor of the Russian Federation Alexander G. Mustaev and honored culture worker of the Udmurt Republic, theatre expert Anna Y. Evseeva will share expert insights on Udmurtia’s theatrical history.


Deputy Director of the Udmurt Republic’s Museum of Imitative Arts, Candidate of Historical Sciences, art expert Valentina O. Gartig will disclose the artistic value of the theatrical photo cards.


All are invited to attend. 


The exhibition will be open to the public up to June 19.