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Literary Club Meeting in May

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Literary Club Meeting in May

On May 25 at 6 pm Literary Club Meeting of National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting a poetry event for the presentation of the book by Alexander Molchanov “Ogonek Bozhestvennoy Svechi” (“The Flame of a Divine Candle”). The event will take place at Udmurtskaya St., 264. 

Alexander M. Molchanov (born in Izhevsk in 1959) started writing poetry in the past few years as an attempt to interpret his own understanding of the essence of reality. The primary themes developed in Molchanov’s poetry are the relation between man and God, church and world, religion and culture. These themes show themselves plainly, occurring again and again even in the titles of poems.


Molchanov’s debutant book has been recently published in a miniature edition by Anigma Publishing (laid out by N. M. Aglyamutdinov, illustrated by E. A. Zemskova).


The presentation event will be participated by writers, poets, theatre and literary critics, philologists, students.


All are invited to attend.