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Opening of Literary Marathon “Reading Udmurtia”

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Opening of Literary Marathon “Reading Udmurtia”

On May 26 at 1 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic is opening a regional literary marathon “Reading Udmurtia” organized in collaboration with the State Council of the Udmurt Republic and Ministry of Culture, Press and Tourism of the Udmurt Republic. The event is timed to 20 years of All-Russian Day of Libraries and is held as part of the Year of Literature in the Russian Federation. 

The marathon “Reading Udmurtia” will be held from 1 June to 15 October 2015 as a series of open and free thematic events, meetings and festivals aiming to revive the book-reading culture of civil society, to encourage public interest in Russian, foreign and minority literatures, to promote the libraries’ services.


The Literary Marathon opening ceremony will feature:

  • welcome speeches by deputies of the State Council of the Udmurt Republic, representatives of creative unions and mass media;
  • loud readings of favorite book passages by government officials, businessmen and representatives from the fields of science and culture;
  • the Book Trailer Contest 2015 award ceremony and demonstration of the winning trailers;
  • “The Best Children’s Library” contest award ceremony;
  • presentation of state awards to the best librarians of regional and municipal libraries of the Udmurt Republic.