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Exhibition “Uncounted Versts of War”

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Exhibition “Uncounted Versts of War”

On May 6 at 4 pm Center of National and Local History Literature and Bibliography of National Library of Udmurt Republic is opening the exhibition “Uncounted Versts of War: to the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory”

The first section of the exhibition – “War Roads Led Us to Victory” – displays research papers, memoirs and documents covering the whole course of the Great Patriotic War – from the very first days of the Defense of Brest Fortress to the last gunshots near Reichstag. The items on display depict both the greatest battles and local combats of the Red Army, its triumphs and defeats, its offensives and retreats; the Nazi occupation; partisan warfare; soldiers’ and commanders' valour; symbolic names of the Great Victory.


The second section of the exhibition – “Following the Path of War” – features memoirs, letters and diaries of the Great Patriotic War participants – privates and officers (including the books by celebrated Soviet Marshals G. K. Zhukov, K. K. Rokossowski, I. K. Bagramyan). Besides, the section comprises fiction works by front authors whose literary-philosophic interpretations of war events are now so educationally, morally and spiritually valuable.


The third section of the exhibition – “Udmurtia’s Labour Front” – demonstrates publications describing a heroic labour of our countrymen in the Great Patriotic War. The displayed items reveal the work of Udmurtia’s leading industrial enterprises and other plants and factories evacuated here from other regions, the movement of workers who operated several machines simultaneously, construction of a strategically important railway Izhevsk-Balezino.


All are welcome to attend.