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Biblionight-2015: “Open the Diary – Catch the Time”

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Biblionight-2015: “Open the Diary – Catch the Time”

On April 24 from 6 pm to 12 am National Library of the Udmurt Republic is holding events within annual all-Russian social and cultural campaign in support of reading "Biblionight-2015".

This year libraries, museums, art galleries, book shops, art studios and book clubs will be again open extra hours and offer their visitors all kinds of social and cultural events linked by one theme – “Open the Diary – Catch the Time”.


National Library of Udmurt Republic will offer its visitors to attend reading contests, art-house cinema demonstrations, book and photo exhibitions, master classes, lectures, meetings with writers, researchers, travelers.


Library divisions situated on Udmurtskaya St., 264 are inviting to take part in the following events:


Contest of Dramatic Readings “Maidens’ Dreams: A Feminine Diary in Fiction” (6 pm).


Book Exhibition “The Way We Used to Live”

  • Diaries by housewife L. K. Shmykova from Sarapul (6 pm); WWII diaries by a famous Udmurt writer M. Petrov (commented by historian D. Strelkov – 7 pm); Diaries of Honored Artist of the Udmurt ASSR V. Perevoshchikov (commented by his sister, theatre expert A. Y. Evseeva – 8 pm).

“A ‘Small’ Cinema: My Diary”: demonstration of short films directed by I. Konstantinov (6 pm)

  • I. Konstantinov – participant and laureate of International Kansk Video Festival, “Art Kvadrat” festival, Cine Fantom Moscow International Film Festival.

Photo exhibitions (6 pm)

  • Documentary film maker Asya Varlamova will present a photo diary ‘The Backstage of the Film ‘Vasilisa Kozhina’” dedicated to 1812 Patriotic War (directed by A. Sivers, 2014).
  • Mirela Mazur from Poland will present her vision of Udmurtia, its nature and people through the photo exhibition “From Russia with Love”.


  • Meetings with collector A. Yakovlev and miniature books publisher N. Aglyamutdinov (6 pm).
  • Meeting with famous Russian poet, laureate of the New Pushkin Prize (2014), deputy editor at “Novaya Gazeta” Oleg Khlebnikov (7 pm).
  • Online meeting with member of the Russian Geographical Society, velo tourist A. Norko (9 pm).

Performance “Petenka” (based on Modest Tchaikovsky’s diaries; staged by I. Konstantinov)  – about P. I. Tchaikovsky’s childhood in Votkinsk, 1840-1848 (8 pm).


Discussion of the novel “S.N.U.F.F” by V. Pelevin (10 pm).


Master class “Cardboard Engraving: Postcard to Victory Day” by N. Lyubich (6 pm).


Izhevsk musicians  for Biblionight (9 pm).



Library divisions situated on 30 Let Pobedy St., 14 are staging the events linked by the motto: “The Night of Great Discoveries”:

  • Cartoon hall – for children and their parents (6 pm).
  • Demonstration of the documentary film about a famous Russian inventor Ivan Kulibin directed by Y. Mavrina, produced by L. Nikolaev (6 pm).
  • Lecture “How to Patent an Invention” by professor of Izhevsk State University G. V. Lomaev (6.30 pm).
  • Master class “How to Prolong the Life of the Book” by librarians of the Document Conservation Center (6 pm).
  • Master class “How to Produce a Book Trailer” by librarian of Izhevsk school № 30 E. N. Grebenkina (7 pm).
  • Biblio quest “Searching the Lost Time” (6.30 pm).


All are welcome to attend.