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Free Test Access to Znanium.com

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Free Test Access to Znanium.com

Up to May 16 National Library of Udmurt Republic is providing a free test access to Electronic Library System Znanium.com. The resources are online-readable, page-by-page printable and 10% downloadable.

Znanium.com provides access for higher and secondary education institutions to over 20 000 educational and scientific documents. The collection is updated reguraly in accordance with current educational standards (and conforms to all federal state educational standards for higher professional education). It comprises study books, teaching packages, monographs, author's abstracts, dissertations, encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference publications, regulatory and normative documents, periodicals published by higher institutions.


The documents are available in pdf files copied from the print versions and are searchable by author, title, publisher, ISBN.

Znanium.com may be accessed by any authorized user remotely from any Internet-connected device. Please, ask librarians of the following divisions to provide you with your personal username and password: