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Presentation of Bibliographic Guide “Tchaikovsky and Udmurtia”

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Presentation of Bibliographic Guide “Tchaikovsky and Udmurtia”

On April 22 at 5 pm “Udmurt Krai” Club is hosting a presentation of the bibliographic guide “Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Udmurtia” issued by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic to the 175th anniversary of the composer.

With this new bibliography the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is “opening a new page in perpetuating the memory of our compatriot, in researching his biography and music locally” (from the review by musician and composer Y. L. Tolkach).


The materials comprising the bibliography are grouped by sections related to Pyotr Ilyich’s genealogy, his family and acquaintances (literary sources of 1830-1840s of Kamsko-Votkinsk Factory, Sarapul Uezd, Vyatka Governorate), the composer’s heritage, his honoring in Udmurtia and memorial musical events.


Other relevant literature, such as materials on P. I. Tchaikovsky’s themes depicted in literature and art, are also included selectively. A special section of the bibliography is devoted to the State Memorial Architectural Complex “Museum-estate of P. I. Tchaikovsky” in Votkinsk. This edition includes for the first time a full bibliographic coverage of the oldest annual music festival in Russia "In Tchaikovsky's Motherland", held in Udmurtia since 1958.


Additionally, the publication comprises the index of names of authors and personalities; “Full Descriptions of Books Listed in the Bibliography” and “Listings of Musical, Theatre and Choreographic Performers – Participants of the Music Festival ‘In Tchaikovsky's Motherland’, 1958-2014”.


Two virtual exhibitions (of paintings and graphic works) – “P. I. Tchaikovsky in Udmurtia” and “The Seasons. Nature of Udmurtia” serve as an illustrative material for the electronic version of the bibliography.


The presentation will be accompanied by the book exhibition “Tchaikovsky – the Son of Udmurtia, the Genius of Mankind” displaying the items published in Udmurtia (collections of archival documents, articles, monographs, documentary and fiction prose, poetry, photo albums, catalogs) on the composer’s life, work, esthetic views and heritage in relation to Udmurtia’s literature and art.


The presentation will be participated by musicians and art experts, representatives of academic and cultural community, teachers, students of art schools and faculties.


All are welcome to attend.