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Meeting with Poet Elena Labyntseva

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Meeting with Poet Elena Labyntseva

On March 25 at 6 pm Center for the Book of National Library of Udmurt Republic is inviting to join the meeting with poet Elena Labyntseva.

Elena Labyntseva is well-known among Izhevsk intelligentsia. Philologist, publisher, school teacher, lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism of the Udmurt State University (on tele- and radio advertising, TV and radio hosting), compiling and publishing editor of the literary almanac “Aquilon”, head of the poetry studio “Na Lestnitse” (“On the Stairs”), chairperson of the Union of Literary Critics of the Udmurt Republic, philosopher, kulturträger and poet.


Elena Labyntseva presently lives in Moscow and keeps on working on a plenty of creative ideas: she has established a studio “Projection”, has initiated a contest for young poets ‘Vitamins”. Elena goes on writing poetry and philosophical works.


The evening's highlights will feature readings of Elena’s most recent poems and discussion of her plans, projects and outcomes.


All are welcome to attend.