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Free Test Access to IPRBooks

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Free Test Access to IPRBooks

From March 19 to April 20 National Library of Udmurt Republic is providing a free test access to the Electronic Library System IPRBooks. The resources are online-readable and 20% downloadable.

This educational and scientific resource comprises over 80 000 documents in all major fields of knowledge: study and reference books, monographs, business and popular science books as well as full-text coverage of 160 journals (incl. those issued by the Higher Attestation Commission). The bulk of the available content has been published in the past 10 years.


The books are well adapted for screen reading (incl. e-readers, tablets and smart phones) and cited referencing. Collections are searchable by author, title, subject, year and type of publication, classification.


In addition, IPRBooks may be accessed by any authorized user remotely from any Internet-connected device. To download e-books, remote users will need a free reading application installed on their reading device. Please, ask a librarian to provide you with your personal username and password.