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Presentation of Book about Missioner and Enlightener Benjamin Putsek-Grigorovich

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Presentation of Book about Missioner and Enlightener Benjamin Putsek-Grigorovich

On March 25 at 12 am Faculty of Udmurt Philology of Udmurt State University and Center of National and Local History Literature and Bibliography are hosting a presentation of the book “Metropolitan Benjamin Putsek-Grigorovich – the Inventor of Writing System of the Peoples of Volga Region”.

The book has been published with the grant support from the international contest “Orthodox Initiative”. The compiling author  – Leonid N. Prokopiev, priest of Kozmodemyansk Parish of Kazan Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.


The book portrays Metropolitan of Kazan and Sviyazhsk Benjamin Putsek-Grigorovich as an outstanding missioner, enlightener of peoples of the Volga-Kama region, inventor of writing system of the Chuvash, Udmurt and Mari peoples. It comprises academic articles by researchers from Udmurtia (Doctor of Philology, Protodeacon M. G. Atamanov; Doctor of History K. I. Kulikov; Doctor of History V. E. Mayer; Doctor of Philology V. M. Vayushev), Moscow (Candidate of Philology E. A. Kondrashkina), Saint Petersburg (Candidate of Theology A. Panichkin) and other regions.


The presentation will feature a report by Doctor of Philology, Professor Valentin Kelmakovich Kelmakov and students of the Faculty of Udmurt Philology, the Udmurt State University.


All are welcome to attend.


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