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Exhibition “DIY Art. Presents for Ourselves and the Beloved”

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Exhibition “DIY Art. Presents for Ourselves and the Beloved”

On March 3-10 Division of Literature in Art of National Library of Udmurt Republic is staging the exhibition “DIY Art. Presents for Ourselves and the Beloved” dedicated to International Women’s Day. The exhibition will take place at Republic’s Library for Children and Youth” (Pushkinskaya St., 200).

A present, made with our own hands, is twice more valuable: both a giver, demonstrating his or her talents, and a receiver, presented with a thing made with love, take great pleasure in it. Indeed, with creative and fertile imagination one can make numerous wonderful gifts. But it does require certain skills and abilities. The books displayed on the exhibition feature step-by-step instructions of working in certain DIY techniques, with illustrations and a lot of practical advice.


Among items on display are: “Cardmaking” by P. Pinder; “Scrapbooking Presents” by G. Voronina; “Wood Painting” by I. Batalova; “Bottle Decorating”, “Glass Decorating: Painting, Decoupage, Etching” by O. Voronova; “Decorative Dolls” by O. Zaitseva; “Decoupage: Instruments and Materials, Major Techniques, Master-Classes” by S. Yusel.


Beside books the exhibition displays various textile dolls and toys (Tildas, Teddies etc.), embroidery works, scrapbooking and decoupage designs, decorative glass items that might get you hooked on some DIY activity. The event will also feature consultations with DIY masters.


Admission is free.

All are welcome to attend.