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Presentation of Book by N. S. Kuznetsov “The Saviors of Motherland”

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Presentation of Book by N. S. Kuznetsov “The Saviors of Motherland”

On Februaury 18 at 11 am the House of Government of the Udmurt Republic is hosting a presentation of the book by honored journalist of the Udmurt Republic N. S. Kuznetsov “The Saviors of Motherland”.

“The Saviors of Motherland” collection was published by the decree of the Government of the Udmurt Republic to commemorate 70 years of victory in the Great Patriotic War. It is the product of 12 years of thorough work and research by Member of Union of Writers of the Russian Federation, retired lieutenant colonel Nikolay Spiridonovich Kuznetsov. The book, as three previous books dedicated to Udmurtia’s military glory by N. S. Kuznetsov, comprises the names of the glorious warriors, our countrymen, whose heroic deeds were truly exceptional.


This reference publication features 1350 noble warriors, over one third of them listed for the first time. Here for the first time in Udmurtia’s historical literature appear 63 names of warriors, elected deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the Udmurt ASSR.


The publication is based on historical documents discovered in archives in Moscow, Podolsk, Izhevsk and other cities and might serve as a reliable source for compilation of other books of Military Glory.


The presentation will be welcomed by Director of National Library of Udmurt Republic Galina Gavrilovna Kalinina. Author Nikolay Spiridonovich Kuznetsov will provide information on book ordering and expertise to the subject. The presentation will be participated by the Great Patriotic War veterans, warriors-internationalists, representatives of the Udmurt Republic Ministries, public figures.


All are welcome to attend.