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Literary Club Meeting in February

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Literary Club Meeting in February

On February 16 at 6 pm Literary Club of National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting a reading aloud event featuring young writer Andrey Gogolev and his play “The Practice of Big Bang” (to be performed by the author together with Anya Romanova, school student from Izhevsk).

Andrey Gogolev was born in 1989 in Ulyanovsk but later moved to Udmurtia with his family. He graduated from a vocational school with specialization in electrical engineering. Presently he is a student of Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. Quotes from his interview: “Our whole life represents the process of creating, regardless of what we are doing – building home or baking bread. Creativity implying love is a productive way to communicate with the outer world. A poet is only an instrument – for expression of all the best in a person. That is exactly why I left the University”.


Andrey Gogolev has worked in literary magazines “Luch”, “Invozho”, “Italmas”. He is the head of the young poets’ group “Bresentovaya Tsaplya” (“Tarpaulin Heron”), curator of the lecture series “Nastoyashchee Vremya” (“Present Time”), author of the novel “Lenin. Plane. Girl”and poetry collections “Mankind” and “Slovno”, culture trigger, active participant of events organized by the Center for the Book of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.


The forthcoming Literary Club meeting is expected to be participated by writers, theatre and literary critics, school and university students. All are welcome to attend.