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Round Table Discussion “Literary Criticism and Contemporary Udmurt Literature Development”

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Round Table Discussion “Literary Criticism and Contemporary Udmurt Literature Development”

On February 5 the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Udmurt Republic, the National Library of the Udmurt Republic and the Union of Writers of the Udmurt Republic are having a round table discussion “Literary Criticism and Contemporary Udmurt Literature Development” timed to the anniversary of literary expert, public figure and teacher, Honored Citizen of the Udmurt Republic Z. A. Bogomolova (05.02.1923–13.10.2012).

The discussion will be participated by academic philologists, writers and editors, culture workers, representatives of national cultural associations, unions and public organizations of the Udmurt Republic.


Paying tribute to the memory of Zoya Alekseevna Bogomolova, the round table participants will begin the discussion with comments about Zoya Alekseevna’s role in Udmurt literary history, her timely literary work and undertakings that now await further realization.


Other issues to be discussed at the meeting are: the role of literary criticism in shaping national literature; present-day literary criticism in Udmurtia; literary criticism presence in periodicals and other print; stimulation of literary criticism process in Udmurtia; popularization and promotion of books and reading (related to the announcement of Z. A. Bogomolova Award of the Government of the Udmurt Republic).


The round table discussion will be accompanied by the book exhibition in memory of Z. A. Bogomolova featuring literary-critical heritage of the scientist, biographical publications and memoirs.


The event will take place at 5 pm at the House of Peoples’ Friendship (Ordzhonikidze St, 33a).

All are welcome to attend.