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Presentation of Book by A. G. Shklyaev “From Year to Year”

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Presentation of Book by A. G. Shklyaev “From Year to Year”

On January 26 at 5 pm “Udmurt Krai” Club (Center for National and Local History Literature and Bibliography of National Library of Udmurt Republic; Udmurtskaya St., 264) is hosting a presentation of a new book by researcher and literary expert A. G. Shklyaev “Арысь аре” (“From Year to Year”).

Honored science worker of the Udmurt Republic, member of Union of Writers and Journalists of the Russian Federation Alexander Grigoryevich Shklyaev recently celebrated his 70th anniversary. The “Udmurt Krai” Club of National Library of Udmurt Republic marked this occasion with a special meeting held at the Udmurt State University. All guests of the evening noted Alexander Grigoryevich’s remarkable workability, great devotion to the Udmurt literature. “His work is always new and topical. His research implies not only a mere textual analysis, but the very essence of life and a true love for literature” – noted A. G. Shklyaev’s colleagues from the Faculty of Udmurt Philology, Udmurt State University.


A. G. Shklyaev has recently authored a new book – «Арысь аре. Удмурт литература даурлэн кожъёсаз» (“From Year to Year. Udmurt Literature in the Whirl of the Epoch”) – published with the support of M. A. Castrén Society (Finland). The book comprises articles, dialogs, essays, portraits, reviews, memoirs about notable Udmurt writers and critics (G. Vereshchagin, K. Gerd, A. Ermolaev, V. Romanov, V. Shirobokov, E. Batuev and others). The book is appended with  a bibliographic list of all notable for the Udmurt literature names of Udmurt, Finno-Ugrian and Russian writers, literary experts and critics.


The presentation will be accompanied by demonstration of the video clip about A. G. Shklyaev’s life and work (by A. Kurbanova, recent graduate of the Faculty of Journalism, Udmurt State University). Friends and colleagues (V. M. Vanyushev, V. K. Kelmakov and some other) will tell about A. G. Shklyaev’s literary research.


The evening will be participated by the representatives of the All-Udmurt association “Udmurt Kenesh”, members of the Udmurt Union of Writers, Udmurt State University, Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature of (Ural Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Research Institute for National Education, Institute for Education Specialists Professional Development and Retraining.


The event will be accompanied by the book exhibition “The Udmurt Literature from the Scientist’s View”. The first section of the exhibition portrays Alexander Grigoryevich Shklyaev as a researcher and a literary expert (encyclopedia “The Udmurt Republic”, 2008; books by L. S. Christolyubova, A. M. Laptev, Z. A. Bogomolova; A. G. Shklyaev’s literary criticism ). The second section of the exhibition comprises works by the Udmurt authors that have been analyzed and reviewed in A. G. Shklyaev’s new book “From Year to Year” (K. Metrey, A. Klabukov, G. Krasilnikov, A. Perevozchikov, G. Romanova, S. Matveev, M. Atamanov, A. Butolin, M. Gorbushin, A. Ermolaev, P. Pozdeev).


The working language of the evening – Udmurt.

All are welcome to attend.