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Literary Club Meeting in January

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Literary Club Meeting in January

On January 26 at 6 pm Literary Club of National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting a presentation of a new book by V. Shulikovskaya “Notes of a Misanthrope. The Parade of Imperfect People”. The event will take place at Republican Library for Children and Youth (Pushkinskaya St., 200).

Valentina Valentinovna Shulikovskaya was born in Kazan to the family of mathematicians. She graduated from Izhevsk school № 30 and the Mathematical Faculty of the Udmurt State University; presently she works at the Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics (Udmurt State University). Since 1999 she has been contributing to the scientific publishing center “Regular and Chaotic Dynamics” and its publishing division “Institute of Computer Science” (Moscow : Izhevsk) translating scientific publications from English, German, French, Italian and other languages. Beside a good number of scientific-methodological papers, V. Shulikovskaya has authored a number of works in belle-lettre style.


As a researcher V. Shulikovskaya believes that “the evolution of mankind will once bring us to the reexamination and reformulation of the concept of time, to the voluntary transformation of its common perception”. How will it all turn out? What difficulties and moral problems will it cause? These issues were covered by V. Shulikovskaya at the Russian Interdisciplinary Temporology Seminar at Moscow State University (see Institute for Time Nature Explorations for more information) and in the collection of fiction “Real Time Travellers” (Izhevsk, 2008).


According to V. Shulikovskaya, the idea of modern science, originating from the Renaissance, must sooner or later leave the world scene as any other phenomenon developing in time. And if we try to understand what will take its place, we will realize that the most promising positions are held by the fields developing on the verge of science and parascience. This point of view has been expressed in a number of scientific publications and the satirical book “The Adventures of a Brave Postgraduate Student” (Izhevsk : 2012).


In 2014 V. Shulikovskaya published the third fiction book “Notes of a Misanthrope. The Parade of Imperfect People”. From the annotation: “Is it true that the European civilization with its humanism and liberal values is getting exhausted and is near to the logical conclusion? How should a person willing to remain human in the world of impoverished material values live? The author invites the reader to reflect on this and other questions”.


The presentation will be accompanied by the book exhibition displaying fiction works, scientific translations and academic papers by V. Shulikovskaya. At the meeting V. Shulikovskaya will answer the questions about her work as a scientist and a writer.

All are welcome to attend.