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Opening of Exhibition “Friendship of Peoples – Friendship of Literatures”

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Opening of Exhibition “Friendship of Peoples – Friendship of Literatures”

On January 21 at 3 pm Center of National and Local History Literature and Bibliography of National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting the exhibition “Friendship of Peoples – Friendship of Literatures” as an opening event for the Year of Literature in the Russian Federation.

The exhibition comprises three sections. The first one – “Russian Literature – the Treasury of Spiritual Culture of Peoples” (udm. “Ӟуч литература – калыклэн лулчеберетэзлэн ошмессинэз”) comprises books about Russian Culture and Orthodoxy, traditions and customs of Russians, interconnections of Russian culture and Orthodoxy, the best examples of Russian literature from ancient times to the present embodying the basic qualities of the nation – spirituality and ethical order.


The second section of the exhibition – “Udmurt Literature – the Reflection of Ethnic Identity” (udm. “Удмурт литература – калыклэсь аспӧртэмлыксэ возьматон”) – displays works of Udmurt writers – heirs of classical traditions of the Russian, Soviet and foreign literature as well as renowned for their own artistic concepts and representing the culture of the Udmurt people, their customs, way of life, spiritual values.


The third section – “Multicultural Russia: the Diversity of Literature” (udm. “Трос лулчеберето Россия: пӧртэм литература”) – is dedicated to other national literatures of Russia. It comprises works written in languages of peoples living on the territory of the Russian Federation and their translations into Russian.


At the opening of the exhibition Director of National Library of Udmurt Republic will give a welcome speech on plans, aims and objectives of the library for the Year of Literature in Russia.


Chairman of the Union of Writers of the Udmurt Republic Pyotr Mikhailovich Zakharov will give an outline of contemporary literary process in the Udmurt Republic covering both Russian and Udmurt literatures. Doctor of Philology, scientific associate of Finno-Ugric Scientific and Educational Center for the Humanities (Udmurt State University) Anna Sergeevna Zueva-Izmaylova will speak on the role of literature in harmonization of international relations. Bilingual author, People's Writer of Udmurtia Vyacheslav Ar-Sergi will share some of his secrets of literary mastery. Librarians and guests will have an opportunity to recite their favorite poetry in translations to different languages.


The exhibition will be accompanied by a mini fair of books by local authors and their autograph sessions.


Host of the evening – Irina Nikolaevna Kurs, head of “The Center for the Book” of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.


All are welcome to attend.