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Literary Club Meeting in September

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Literary Club Meeting in September

On September 24 at 6 pm Literary Club Meeting of National Library of Udmurt Republic is hosting a meeting with Stepan Lomaev, young writer and essayist. The meeting will take place at “Griffon” Gallery (Pushkinskaya St., 268).

Stepan Leonidovich Lomaev was born in Izhevsk in 1987 and graduated from the Udmurt State University. He is Candidate of Phisico-Mathematical Sciences, scientific worker of Physico-Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Ural Branch, member of Club of Young Scientists and Innovators of Udmurtia “Umnik” (“Clever Man”). His writings were published in Izhevsk journal “Luch”, Moscow journal “October”, collection of writings “Young Writers of Russia”. In 2008-2010 S. Lomaev took part in Forum of Young Writers in Lipki (near Moscow), he has been long listed twice for the “Debut” Award with the tale “All Dogs Go to the USSR” and essay “In the Dump of Subcultures”. He is an expert of “Crisis Research and Anti-Crisis Developments” Fund (Moscow), representative of Socio-Political Newspaper “Tochka Ru” in Izhevsk.


At the meeting Stepan Lomaev will read out abstracts from his writings and answer the readers’ questions.

All are welcome to attend.