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National Electronic Library Has a New Collection “Udmurt Music”

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National Electronic Library Has a New Collection “Udmurt Music”

National Library of the Udmurt Republic and partner cultural institutions are pleased to announce the availability of a new collection “Udmurt Music” in our National Electronic Library.

Music is one of the major forms of art which plays a key role in shaping national cultures. Along with literature and imitative art music forms cultural basis of peoples, instills moral values, represents an aesthetical background uniting the representatives of one ethnos. The issue of documentation and preservation of musical heritage is highly topical today, when a worldwide process of globalization is erasing cultural boundaries between peoples and nations.


The "Udmurt Music" collection comprises a digitized archive of sound records belonging to the Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Udmurtia" totaling over 300 musical compositions in Russian and Udmurt. The digitization was carried out within the Republic’s program "The Memory of Udmurtia". The collection comprises records of folk songs and music performed by folklore ensembles and professional musicians, works by Udmurt composers (vocal, choral, instrumental, symphonic, stage music) and compositions for children.


Meeting the target of preservation of Udmurt musical heritage and ensuring its universal accessibility, the collection digitization project received financial support of M. A. Castrén Society (Finland)


Continued expert help and support in building the collection was also provided to the National Library of the Udmurt Republic by the Union of Composers of the Udmurt Republic.