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Online Lecture by Dmitriy Kopelev “Sailing Round the World: from Renaissance to Enlightenment”

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Online Lecture by Dmitriy Kopelev “Sailing Round the World: from Renaissance to Enlightenment”

On October 5 at 3 pm Internet Access and Training Center of National Library of Udmurt Republic (Republican Library for the Blind, Lomonosova St., 9) is organizing online broadcasting of lecture by Dmitriy Kopelev “Sailing Round the World: from Renaissance to Enlightenment” organized as part of the “Dynasty” Foundation and supported by the Book Institute.

The history of circumnavigation has always implied the struggle for the freedom of the seas, a relentless pursuit of spices, an unexampled courage and cruelty, an iron will and a firm business grip. The heroes of such journeys, legendary circumnavigators, who fearlessly sailed ships into vast boundless oceans are Francis Drake, Thomas Cavendish, Jacob le Maire, William Dampier, James Cook, Louis Antoine de Bougainville, Alessandro Malaspina…


From the time of an epochal-making event recorded in the annals of the world history as Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation of the Earth, Western Europe has taken a decisive step in the struggle for world supremacy. What can explain the reasons of the unprecedented dominating growth of the capitalist world system? What factors predetermined the European expansion and what role did the circumnavigations play in making Europe a center of world hegemony? These and other issues will be raised in a lecture by Dmitriy Kopelev.


Dmitriy N. Kopelev – a historian specializing in Medieval studies, Candidate of History, associate professor of the Department of History at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (St. Petersburg); author of books and articles on history of piracy, major geographical discoveries and social history of European fleets. Kopelev’s book “Division of Ocean in XVI–XVIII Centuries. The History and Evolution of Piracy” was short-listed for “Prosvetitel-2013” award.


All are welcome to attend.


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