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Results of Contest of Library Projects “The Big Read – 2014”

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Results of Contest of Library Projects “The Big Read – 2014”

The results of the annual contest of library projects “The Big Read” dedicated to the Year of Culture in the Russian Federation and M. Y. Lermontov’s 200th anniversary were announced at the meeting of heads of municipal libraries of the Udmurt Republic on November 17.

This year’s contest received 49 applications from 16 cities and districts of the Udmurt Republic. The majority of applications came from the libraries of Alnashsky, Votkinsky and Yarsky Districts. Three out of five nominations turned out to be more popular among contestants, these are: “Family Traditions in Reading Lermontov, “Book Trailer” and “Lermontov Non-Stop”.


13 best projects were selected by the expert group.


The most challenging and time-consuming nomination “Lermontov’s Encyclopedia” required the development of a multimedia product (with the use of graphics, video, sound, animation and text) aimed at popularization of Lermontov’s heritage and biography. Only one project was submitted for this nomination – “The Eternal Wanderer M. Y. Lermontov: Interactive Map of the Poet’s Life and Heritage” by N. A. Nekrasov’s Central Municipal Library of Izhevsk. Developed with the use of the newest technologies (free online interactive map creators), the project received a well-deserved prize-winning reward.


In each other nomination the jury selected three best projects.


The best “Literay Excursion” was awarded to Perevozinskaya library of Votkinsky District for the project “Lermontov Online” – a series of media lessons in the form of photo and video tours around the most remarkable Lermontov’s places. The second prize went to N. A. Nekrasov Central Municipal Library of Izhevsk for the project “Masquerade in a New Way” created and realized as part of the All-Russian annual event “BiblioNight”. The third prize was awarded to the project “Life Road and Heritage of M. Y. Lermontov” – a video presentation about the poet made by Votkinsky District Central Library.


The nomination “Book Trailer” charged participants with the production of a short video popularizing M. Y. Lermontov. Over 10 book trailers were shot for this nomination suggestive of an active adoption of new reading promotion technologies by the libraries. The best book trailer was awarded to the Central library of Votkinsky District for the video “Lermontov’s Heritage Without Barriers” advertising Udmurt translations from Lermontov. The second prize went to the book trailer “The Song about Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich” shot by Sharkanskaya District Library with cheerful participation of the pupils of Sharkanskaya comprehensive school. The third place was given to Igrinskaya Central District Library named after K. Metrey for the book trailer “I Saw her Once in the Gay Whirlwind Ball” inviting readers in Lermontov’s time and acquainting with the works portraying balls.


A great number of applications favored the nomination “Lermontov Non-Stop” (libraries were invited to provide a yearly plan of events dedicated to Lermontov’s 200th jubilee). The most interesting projects were presented by Karakulinsky District Central Library (“Lermontov and Modern Poetry”), Alnashsky District Central Library (“Radio Project “Generation Next”. Reading the poetry by M. Y. Lermontov”) and Yakshur-Bodyinsky District Information and Culture Centre (“A Hero of Our Time”).


The nomination “Family Traditions in Reading Lermontov” awarded three best projects: “Family Readings of Lermontov” by L. N. Tolstoy library (Central Library System of Izhevsk), “A Book for Family Circle” by Yarsky District Nikolskaya Library and “A Hero of Its Time” by Sharkansky District Karsashurskaya library.


All winners received the official notes of thanks.