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Book Exhibition “Legendary Kalashnikov: to the 95th Anniversary”

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Book Exhibition “Legendary Kalashnikov: to the 95th Anniversary”

On November 19-23 M. T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex (Borodina St., 19) is hosting the book exhibition “Legendary Kalashnikov: to the 95th Anniversary” prepared by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic.

The life and career of Lieutenant General, Hero of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Technical Sciences Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov is examined in the first section of the exhibition – “The Trajectory of Destiny”. Among books on display are reference publications and albums (encyclopedia “The Udmurt Republic”, “Heroes of Socialist Labour – Our Fellow Countrymen”, “Me – Kalashnikov”, “Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov. The Person of the Century”),  biographies and memoirs (A. E. Uzhanov “Mikhail Kalashnikov”; V. N. Zhukov “The Second Birth”; A. A. Artamonov “The Window Wide Open”; G. A. Pozdeev “Recollecting the Past”; V. V. Sokolov “Kalashnikov. My Friend as I Know Him” etc.), books-interviews (E. M. Kalashnikov “The Dialog with the Arms Designer”).


The second section of the exhibition – “Arms to Defend Motherland” – presents the history of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and other AK-based rifles through such publications as “AK-47 – the Legendary Gun” by E. M. Kalashnikova, “Russian Automated Rifles” by A. A. Malimon, “Arms” (2005 and 2007 catalos from the collections of the Museum of “IzhMash”), “Firearms”, “Kalashnikov Arms”, “From the History of Arms Making”, “Serving the Motherland” and some other.


Literary heritage of the famous arms designer is disclosed in the third section of the exhibition. Member of Union of Russian Writers M. T. Kalashnikov authored a number of poems, memoirs, documentary fiction stories: “Diary of the Gun Constructor” (1992), “Walking One Road with You” (1999), “From an Alien Threshold to the Spassky Gate” (1997, 1999), “Kalashnikov: The Trajectory of Destiny” (in co-authorship with daughter E. M. Kalashnikova; 2004, 2007). Outlines and reviews of Kalashnikov’s writings are provided in the book “The Voices of the Epoch” and the journal “Science of Udmurtia” (see critical articles by Z. A. Bogomolova), the book by R. N. Zapparov “Literary Meetings” etc.


All are welcome to attend.