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An Evening with Doctor of Philology A. S. Zueva-Izmaylova

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An Evening with Doctor of Philology A. S. Zueva-Izmaylova

On November 18 at 5 pm join our Center for National and Local History Literature and Bibliography (Udmurtskaya St., 264) to meet literary expert, Doctor of Philology A. S. Zueva-Izmaylova and celebrate her 65th anniversary. 

Anna Sergeevna Zueva-Izmaylova – honored culture worker of the Udmurt Republic, honored higher education professional of the Russian Federation, laureate of State Award of the Udmurt Republic, All-Chuvash I. Yakovlev Award, member of Union of Russian Writers and Finnish Literary Society (Helsinki). Anna Sergeevna was born in Itkulat village of Seltinskiy District (UASSR), studied at Mozhginskiy Pedagogical College, Faculty of Philology of the Udmurt State University (UdSU), postgraduate and doctoral course at A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature (Academy of Sciences of the USSR). She has undergone the way from assistant to professor: in 1998–2003 she headed the Department of Russian Literature (Faculty of Udmurt Philology, UdSU), in 2003-2010 – the Department for the Language of Mass Media and Literary Criticism (Faculty of Journalism, UdSU); in 2003-2007 worked as Dean of the Faculty of Journalism (UdSU). Currently A. S. Zueva-Izmaylova works for Finno-Ugric Scientific and Educational Center of Humanitarian Technologies (UdSU), she is a member of two doctoral councils (UdSU and N. P. Ogarev Mordvinian State University). The scientist’s major research interests lie in the fields of theory and poetics of Finno-Ugrian literatures, interdisciplinary text analysis.


The evening will be attended by the representatives of Ministry of Culture, Press and Information, Ministry of National Policy, Ministry of Education and Science of the Udmurt Republic, philologists, researchers, members of the Union of Udmurt Writers and All-Udmurt Association “Udmurt Kenesh”. Host of the evening – V. L. Shibanov, Associate Professor at the Department of Udmurt Literature and Literature of the Peoples of Russia (UdSU).


The meeting will be accompanied by the book exhibition “In Dialog with Time” displaying publications on A. S. Zueva-Izmaylova’s research, pedagogical and social work as well as her scientific papers.


All are welcome to attend.