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Online Lecture by V. Surdin “Celestial Guests - Meteorites”

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Online Lecture by V. Surdin “Celestial Guests - Meteorites”

On November 10 at 6 pm National Library of Udmurt Republic (Republican Library for the Blind, Lomonosova St., 9) is organizing online broadcasting of lecture by Vladimir Surdin “Celestial Guests - Meteorites” organized as part of the “Dynasty” Foundation and supported by the Book Institute.

Millions of small and huge celestial bodies ranging in size from a pebble to Mount Everest are moving around the Sun and crossing the planets’ orbits. From time to time such objects collide with the Earth. Meteorites have always fallen and will always fall on us. But where do they come from? Why do scientists haunt them? What are the dangers of the fall of a large meteorite and how can we avoid it?


These and other issues will be raised in a lecture by Vladimir Surdin, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, senior staff scientist at P. K. Sternberg State Astronomical Institute (Moscow State University). Major research interests of the lector lie in the fields of star cluster dynamics and star formation. In 2012 Vladimir Surdin received the Prosvetitel Award for the book “Exploration of Far-Away Planets”.


All are welcome to attend.

Admission is free.