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Opening of Exhibition “Golden Ratio: An Inquiry into the Nature of Harmony”

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Opening of Exhibition “Golden Ratio: An Inquiry into the Nature of Harmony”

On November 13 at 4 pm Division of Literature in Art of National Library of Udmurt Republic (Kamskiy Institute of the Humanities and Engineering Technologies: V. Sivkova, 12a, room 224) is hosting the opening of the exhibition “Golden Ratio: An Inquiry into the Nature of Harmony”.

“The golden ratio” or “the divine proportion” is one of the most striking representations of structural and functional perfection of the whole and its parts in nature, science and art. The phenomenon of “the golden ratio” has excited mathematicians and philosophers since the ancient times (Pythagoras, Plato and Euclid). In the times of the Renaissance the “golden ratio” developed into a major aesthetic principle (Leonardo da Vinci). In the 19th century German scientist Adolf Zeising and his followers claimed to have found “the golden ratio” in the arrangement of human body, plants, minerals and musical harmony. The 20th century witnessed a new wave of interest to the phenomenon, particularly from astrophysics, biology, psychology and computer science.


The first section of the exhibition – “Golden Ratio: The Search of Absolute Harmony” – comprises books by outstanding artists, thinkers, scientists of the past and present on the manifestation of science in art – i.e. on mathematical context of “the golden ratio” applicable to architecture, painting and other spheres (Leonardo da Vinci “Collected Works”, A. Dürer “Treatises”; A. V. Voloshinov “Mathematics and Art”, I.S. Shevelev “The Golden Ratio”, V. L. Glazychev “Copernicus's Gem: the World of Science in Art” etc.).


The second section of the exhibition – “Ideal Proportions in Nature” – is dedicated to the imitation of natural forms (structures of plant and animal world) for the purpose of reaching perfection and self organization in architecture (N. A. Vasyutinskiy “The Golden Proportion”; V. E. Mikhaylenko, A. V. Kashchenko “Nature – Geometry – Architecture”; Y. Lebedev “The Harmony of Forms in Wildlife”, “Architecture and Bionics”).


The third section of the exhibition – “Aesthetics of Proportions in Art” – displays scientific publications on the occurrence of “the golden ratio” in works of art: examples of paintings, musical and literary compositions proportioned to approximate “the golden ratio” (F. V. Kovalev “The Golden Ratio in Painting”, M. A. Marutaev “On Harmony of the Universe” etc.).


The opening of the exhibition is going to be participated by Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergey Pakhomov who will speak on the principles of morphogenesis in nature and on aesthetics of proportions in art. The “divine proportion” in music will be authoritatively explained by the eminent violinist Kseniya Blagovich. The “golden ratio” in poetry will be addressed by the librarian of the Center for the Book of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic Marina Ryabushenko.


All are welcome to attend.