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Free Test Access to Electronic Library System IPRbooks

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Free Test Access to Electronic Library System IPRbooks

From November 12 to December 11 National Library of Udmurt Republic is providing a free test access to the book and journal collections of the universal Electronic Library System IPRbooks. The resources are online-readable and 20% downloadable.

This educational and scientific resource comprises full electronic versions of over 15 000 books (study and reference books, monographs, business and popular science books etc.) published by 300 federal, regional and higher education publishing houses in Russia as well as full-text coverage of 149 scientific journals issued by the Higher Attestation Commission in major research areas (natural, public, technical, medical sciences – spanning the past decade; the humanities, social and economical sciences – spanning the past 5 years).


Documents are mostly in the Russian language in graphic PDF file. The bulk of the available content is exclusive to the Electronic Library System IPRbooks. Collections are searchable by author, title, subject, year and type of publication, classification. The system also allows intuitive full-text search by any keywords, exact word or phrase, logical or extended search functionality. Advanced filtration and limitation of potential search results allows prompt discovery of the exactly needed books and periodicals.


IPRbooks also contains a catalog of free publications compiled from the public domain resources of 14 Russian libraries participants of the Program for Promoting Accessibility and Usability of the Digitized Library Collections. These remotely accessible resources include rare publications, periodicals, literature in regional studies etc.




Division for Multimedia Resources and Internet Services
Lomonosova St., 9, room 7
(Udmurt Republican Library for the Blind)
Tel.: (3412) 63-55-56
E-mail: olina@unatlib.org.ru


Division of Technical and Agricultural Literature
30 Let Podedy St, 14.
Tel: (3412) 50-31-84.
E-mail: citsh@unatlib.org.ru


Reference Services Division
Udmurtskaya St., 199
Tel.: (3412) 63-55-56
E-mail: sbo@unatlib.org.ru, ibo@unatlib.org.ru


Division of Literature in Art
V. Sivkova St., 12 a, room 224
(Kamskiy Institute of the Humanities and Engineering Technologies)
Tel.:(3412) 63-55-56
E-mail: art@unatlib.org.ru


Sector for National and Local History Literature Promotion
Udmurtskaya St., 264
Tel.: (3412) 72-89-09
E-mail: okful@unatlib.org.ru


Interlibrary Loan Sector
Pushkinskaya St., 200
(Udmurt Republican Library for Children and Youth)
Tel: (3412) 63-55-56
E-mail: mba@unatlib.org.ru