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Free Test Access to “IVIS” Electronic Databases

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Free Test Access to “IVIS” Electronic Databases

From September 19 to October 14 National Library of Udmurt Republic is providing a free test access toбесплатный тестовый доступ к the full-text collections of periodicals of “IVIS” Ltd. (a branch of East View Press). Documents are online readable, downloadable and printable.

The bulk of collection comprises journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences, independent research publications, literary and fiction journals, newspapers of the Soviet period, contemporary national and regional press, newspapers of the near and far abroad. Subjects covered include mostly social sciences and the humanities (history, economics, law, sociology, pedagogics, politology, philosophy, archival science, anthropology, ethnography, literary studies, philology, art, oriental studies), natural sciences, technology and medicine.


Resources mostly date back to the late 1990s — early 2000s, certain publications also cover earlier periods. Documents are available in html and pdf and are searchable by author, title, date, source, and publisher. Users are able to refine search results by title, author, source, data, and relevance. Full texts retain the original numeration allowing precise bibliographic citations.


Access is provided to the following databases:

Access points:


Division for Multimedia Resources and Internet Services
Lomonosova St., 9, room 7
(Udmurt Republican Library for the Blind)
Tel.: (3412) 63-55-56
E-mail: olina@unatlib.org.ru


Reference Services Division
Udmurtskaya St., 199
Tel.: (3412) 63-55-56
E-mail: sbo@unatlib.org.ru, ibo@unatlib.org.ru


Readers Service Division
Udmurtskaya St., 199
Tel.: (3412) 63-55-56
E-mail: filolog@unatlib.org.ru, ecocentr@unatlib.org.ru


Division of Technical and Agricultural Literature
30 Let Podedy St, 14
Tel: (3412) 50-31-84
E-mail: citsh@unatlib.org.ru


Division of Literature in Foreign Languages
Udmurtskaya St., 264
Tel: 72-89-09
E-mail: litin@unatlib.org.ru


Division of Literature in Art
V. Sivkova St., 12 a, room 224
(Kamskiy Institute of the Humanities and Engineering Technologies)
Tel.:(3412) 63-55-56
E-mail: art@unatlib.org.ru


Interlibrary Loan Sector
Pushkinskaya St., 200
(Udmurt Republican Library for Children and Youth)
Tel: (3412) 63-55-56
E-mail: mba@unatlib.org.ru


For a detailed information on “IVIS” Electronic Databases and other licensed resources, please refer to Reference Services Division.