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Literary Club Meeting in September: in Memory of Aleksey Somov

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Literary Club Meeting in September: in Memory of Aleksey Somov

On September 6 at 6 pm Literary Club of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic is organizing a meeting in commemoration of Aleksey Somov (1976-2013), a talented poet and prose writer. The event will take place at “Griffon” gallery (International East-European University, Pushkinskaya St., 268).

Aleksey Somov - laureate of the National Literary Award and "Golden Feather of Russia - 2007" award for his essay “Augur’s Laughter”; third place winner of the international literary festival “Russian Stil - 2008” (Stuttgart, Germany) in the nomination “Poetry”; long-list nominee for the first Grigorjev Award, short-list nominee for the International Literary Voloshinsky competition; member of the Union of Udmurt Writers.


Aleksey Somov’s works were published in journals and almanacs “Ural”, “Luch”, “Den i Noch”, “Akvilon”, “Deti Ra”, “Vozdukh”, “Kreshchatik”, “Obereg”, “Izhevskaya Tetrad” and some others.


Aleksey Somov’s early works were characterized by critics as “pathetic rhymes filled with uttering banalities”, “an imitation of Russian rock-poetry, as “anguished Bashlachevshchina”, “plain and dull syllabic verses resembling writings of an overachieving pupil”. Critics also blamed him for his dependence on Mandelstam and even Jiménez; as well as for some intonations close to the Sixtiers. Later critics reevaluated Aleksey Somov’s poetry, this time acclaiming him as “a brilliant and talented poet”, “with a Godgiven gift”, writing “quite impressive and quite strange poetry”. Polarized views on Aleksey Somov’s works has always been a subject of a heated debate.


Aleksey Somov’s poetry and prose are available in  and on his blog and “Setevaya Slovestnost” web-site.

During the meeting, participants will read Aleksey Somov’s poems and hear speeches by writers that were close to the poet by bonds of friendship and unanimity of views. Among them are Aleksandr Koramyslov, Daniil Kleopov, Sergey Danilov, Ilya Markov.


The event will be attended by Lev Rodnev, who published Aleksey’s poems in the almanac “Day and Night”. Chief editor of the “Luch” journal N. E. Malyshev, who regularly published Somov’s poems and prose writings, will present the latest issue with the last lifetime publication of the talented author. Participants of the meeting will be given a chance to get the mentioned issue of the “Luch” journal.


All are welcome to attend.