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Guest Exhibition “An Outstanding Scientist and Teacher: to G. N. Nikolskaya’s Jubilee”

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Guest Exhibition “An Outstanding Scientist and Teacher: to G. N. Nikolskaya’s Jubilee”

On September 9 National Library of Udmurt Republic is staging a guest exhibition “An Outstanding Scientist and Teacher: to G. N. Nikolskaya’s Jubilee”, as part of the International Scientific-Practical Conference “Scientist, Teacher, Humanist” dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Honored Scientific Worker of the Udmurt Republic and the Russian Federation Glafira Nikolaevna Nikolskaya.

Conference organizers — the Ministry of Education and Science of the Udmurt Republic, Research Institute for National Education, Faculty of Udmurt Philology of the Udmurt State University, Regional Social Movement “Association of Udmurt Culture ‘Demen’”.


G. N. Nikolskaya — an eminent Russian linguist, acting member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences — was born in Shlyapino village of Sharkanskiy District of the UASSR. In 1958 after graduation from the Philological Faculty of the Udmurt Pedagogical Institute and postgraduate course of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, she defended a thesis, in 1960 — started to work in the Scientific Research Institute for National Schools (Moscow). Throughout her fifty years of scientific work, G. N. Nikolskaya has published over 170 research papers, developed a methodology of Russian language teaching for Finno-Ugrian schools and a series of programs and study books for national schools of Russia. Nikolskaya has also made a significant contribution to the Udmurt language teaching: authored a series of study books “Udmurt Kyl”, introduced new topics on text theory and functional-semantic types of speech into school program of the Udmurt language teaching. As scientific advisor Glafira Nikolskaya has guided several generations of researchers — among them are eminent Udmurt teachers and philologists, candidates and doctor of sciences: G. A. Ushakov, V. M. Ivshina, A. M. Komarova, G. A. Turova, L. P. Fedorova and some others.


The first section of the exhibition — “Serving Udmurt Science and Education” — is dedicated to Glafira Nikolskaya’s research and pedagogical work. The section displays methodical handbooks and study books for the Russian and Udmurt languages authored by Nikolskaya and published in various years (“The Russian Language in Udmurt School”, 1973; “Fundamentals of Teaching Russian Orthography in Udmurt Schools”, 1981; “Udmurt Kyl”, 1990, 1992, 2004, 2005; “The Udmurt Language in the 6th Form”, 2008 etc.) as well as scientific publications, abstracts of dissertations written under G. N. Nikolskaya’s supervision.


The second section of the exhibition — “Sketches of Life and Work” — outlines educational and public activity of G. N. Nikolskaya, comprises biographical materials (L. S. Khristolyubova “Udmurt Scientists”, 1997; “Udmurt Women. XX Century, 2002; publications in regional and district press “Ashalchi”, “Kenesh”, “Vestnik” etc.).  G. N. Nikolskaya’s book “Prizvanie” (2006) comprises her memoirs, colleagues’ references, photos from the author’s archive. Nikolskaya’s work as president of the Regional Public Organization “Gerd” (1991-2004) is detailed in the article collections “Zemlyaki’ (2008), “’Udmurt Kenesh’ - 20” (2011), “Diasporas of Ural and Povolzhye” (2005).


On September 9 the exhibition will be displayed at the State National Theatre of the Udmurt Republic (Gorky St, 73), from September 10 to 25 – at the Center of National and Local History Literature and Bibliography (Udmurtskaya St., 264).


All are welcome to attend.