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Online Lecture “Anatomy of Pirate Terror”

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Online Lecture “Anatomy of Pirate Terror”

On November 19 at 11 am Internet Access and Training Center of National Library of Udmurt Republic is organizing online broadcasting of the lecture by Dmitriy Kopelev “Anatomy of Pirate Terror” organized as part of the “Dynasty” Fund project and supported by the Book Institute. The broadcasting will take place at the Udmurt Republican Library for the Blind (Lomonosova St., 9).

From ancient times great empires have competed for control over sea territories. At the dawn of the epoch of great geographical discoveries first geopolitical division of the world between Portugal and Spain took place leaving their competitors — young naval powers: England, France and Holland — at a loose end. Immense sea possessions of Spain in West India were subject to desperate competition for the spheres of influence. In that same period, streams of corsairs and pirates rushed to the Caribbean sea. Pursuing their own interests, sea robbers undermined Spanish monopoly in the New World and thus acted as major allies of Madrid’s enemies.


The 18th century marked the second division of the world. It happened when ex-adversaries settled the issue concerning their borders in “Americas” and came out in a united front against forbans. A new geopolitical alignment turned former “allies” into enemies of mankind. Pirates responded with a campaign of terror which resulted in a wave of repressions. 


Dmitriy N. Kopelev — candidate of historical sciences, associate professor at the Department of History at A. I. Herzen’s Russian State Pedagogical University; finalist of the "Prosvetitel-2013" award for the book "Division of Ocean in 16–18 Centuries. The History and Evolution of Piracy".


All are welcome to attend.