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Meeting with Alexander Shklyaev

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Meeting with Alexander Shklyaev

On February 12 at 5 pm Udmurt State University is hosting a meeting — as part of the «Udmurt Krai» Club of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic — with Alexander Shklyaev timed to the 70th anniversary of the Udmurt literary expert, critic and journalist.

Alexander G. Shklyaev (born 1944, Yakshur village, Yakshur-Bodya District, UASSR) — candidate of philological sciences, honored science worker of the Udmurt Republic, honored cultural worker of the Udmurt Republic, member of Union of Writers and Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation, laureate of the State Award of the Udmurt Republic and K. Gerd’s All-Udmurt National Award, holder of the "Order of the Badge of Honor".


A. G. Shklyaev graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University (postgraduate course), worked for the newspaper "Komsomolets Udmurtii", was a chief editor of the journal "Molot"; in 1981-1984 headed the board of the Union of Writers of the USSR, in 1985-1998 — the Department of Udmurt Literature and Literature of Peoples of the USSR (RF) of the Udmurt State University; initiated the formation of the Department (later — Faculty) of Journalism of the Udmurt State University, where, from 1999, headed the Department of History and Theory of Journalism.


A. Shklyaev started his career as a poet and a prose writer. Later — from 1971 — he balanced his literary work with scientific and pedagogical practices. He is the author of several prominent research papers and over 100 articles published in local, Russian and foreign periodicals. A. Shklyaev compiled a number of literary collections, almanacs (e. g. Kuzebai Gerd’s collections) and tutorials. He also wrote epigrams, caricatures, parodies, short stories, poems for children.


The event will be participated by the representatives of Ministry of Culture, Press and Information, Ministry of National Policy, Ministry of Education and Science of the Udmurt Republic, members of Union of Udmurt Writers, "Udmurtia" Publishing House, members of All-Udmurt Association "Udmurt Kenesh", Udmurt State University teachers, representatives of Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch) and Research Institute for National Education of the Udmurt Republic.


Working language of the meeting — Udmurt.


All are welcome to attend.