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Book Exhibition “The Magic of Stone”

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Book Exhibition “The Magic of Stone”

On January 22-26 Exhibition Centre "Gallery" (K. Marx St., 244a) is staging a book exhibition "The Magic of Stone", prepared by the National Library of the Udmurt Republic for the exhibition-fair "Stone Mosaics".

The displayed publications (G. Bank "In the World of Semiprecious Stones"; M. Pylyaev "Precious Stones: Properties, Occurrence and Usage"; F. Velichko "Mystic Features of Jewels"; E. Lengley "Hidden Treasures"; "Gemstones. Properties. Astrology. Litho Therapy"; S. Gural "Jewelry" etc.) provide details on more than 200 stones and minerals with evidence from mineralogy, astrology, litho therapy; illustrated by color photography.


Information on symbolism of certain stones, their association with a given day, month, planet, name and zodiacal sign is displayed so as to facilitate choice of suitable stones for fair visitors. Properties and powers of stones are outlined in specially compiled leaflets.


Staged to provide guidance to the amazing world of minerals, the exhibition "The Magic of Stone" is expected to have an appeal of a wide circle of stone admirers.  


All are welcome to attend.