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Literary Club Meeting in January

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Literary Club Meeting in January

On January 27 at 6 pm Division of Literature in Art of National Library of Udmurt Republic (Kamsky Institute of Humanities and Engineering Technologies; V. Sivkova St., 12a, room 224) is arranging a meeting of the Literary Club on the subject “Everybody Read! Best Publishing Series”.

According to official estimates, over 1200 serial publishing projects are currently functioning in Russia. These projects are quite wide-ranging and diverse embracing both fiction and non-fiction — academic publications and popular fiction, memoirs, biographies etc. One of the most popular biography-oriented series is undoubtedly “Life of Outstanding People” that has been published for many decades by “Molodaya Gvardiya” Publishing House.


Most fiction books are usually also released serially: in genre series (e.g. a series of foreign detective stories “Medicine from Boredom”, “The Magic of Fantasy”, “Foreign Thriller”, “Drama”), in one-author series (series of books by Stephen King, Max Frei, Strugatsky brothers), in geographical series (“English Line”, “French Line”, “New French Line”), in chronological series (“Playing in Classics”, “School of Classics”, “Foreign Literature. XX+I”, “Masters. Contemporary Prose”) etc.


The Literary Club meeting is going to discuss the best book series produced by the Russian publishing houses — popular among readers and regarded as distributors of a high quality literature.


The meeting will be accompanied by the book exhibition displaying some brand-new fiction and popular science books by Russian and foreign authors published serially by “Molodaya Gvardiya”, “Inostranka”, “Eksmo”, “AST”, “Domino”, “Amfora”, “CentrePoligraph”, “Vremya” etc. Attendants of the meeting will be able to borrow the books on display and to issue a library card.


Admission is free.