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Literary Club Meeting in March

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Literary Club Meeting in March

On March 31 at 6 pm Division of Literature in Art of National Library of Udmurt Republic (Kamskiy Institute of the Humanities and Engineering Technologies; V. Sivkova St., 12 a, office 224) is hosting a Literary Club meeting "Contemporary British Literature".

Dedicated to the UK-Russian Year of Culture 2014, the meeting will discuss British fiction published in Russia in the last 20 years (from the collections of the National Library of the Udmurt Republic).


Contemporary British literature can be characterized by both commitment to classical traditions (interpretation of the British national identity still remains one of its major themes) and emergence of authors of other origin, infusing new blood into "islandness" of the UK’s culture. Namely, Ishiguro Kazuo’s "The Remains of the Day" represents one of the finest novels detailing classic Englishness with humour and pitch-perfect tone; whereas Salman Rushdie’s prose develops the connections between East and West.


The last several decades have witnessed a growing popularity of British female writers. Doris Lessing, Hilary Mantel, Fay Weldon have been noted for their striking individuality, detailed and honest portrayal of British society, unique female vision of topical issues.


There has been also a heightened interest of readers in works of non-fiction. One fine example is the popularity of Peter Ackroyd, an English biographer, novelist, and critic demonstrating a talent of combining historical facts, fiction, literary play and mystification.


The Literary Club meeting will be accompanied by a book exhibition displaying popular modern British fiction books and publications of British authors in a well-known Russian monthly literary magazine "Inostrannaya Literatura" ("Foreign Literature").


All are welcome to attend.

Admission is free.